Hasselberg Transport AS has a high focus on privacy and the protection of personal data in everyday life. All internal and external persons who interact with us should be confident that personal information is processed in a safe and correct manner. We want the registrants to know what rights they have under the Personal Information Act and that we ensure their privacy.

This Privacy Statement contains both general information about how we collect and use personal information and information about how we process personal information. It also tells us how we ensure your rights according to the rules of the new Personal Information Act (applicable from 1 July 2018).

The following important terms are used in the statement:

Personal information:
Personal information is information (eg name, address and email address) and assessments that can be linked to a particular person.

The registered:
The registered persons are persons to whom the personal information relates (employees, users, customers, contacts, etc.)

Treatment is any operation or range of operations made with personal data.
For example: collecting, registering, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or changing, retrieving, consulting, using, transferring, transmitting, disseminating or all other forms of disclosure, aggregation or collocation, limitation, deletion or destruction.

Treatment Responsible:
The treatment officer is the one who determines the purpose of processing personal data and the means that will be used to process the information. It is the healthcare practitioner responsible for processing personal data under the law.

Data Processing:

Data Processors are those who process personal information on behalf of the healthcare practitioner. The data processor should only process personal data according to the agreement with the healthcare practitioner.
General information about processing of personal data
The Act regulates all forms of processing of personal data. The law states inter alia: strict confidentiality and security requirements for processing personal data.
The Data Inspectorate supervises the law.

How we collect your information:

We collect personal information from you directly, from someone who represents you or from other sources that you have pointed out or that follow naturally of the kind of service we will provide or offer to you. Sometimes we need to obtain information directly from other public or private institutions.
When we collect personal information, it is only when necessary for establishing and managing your agreements with us. We do this because we have commitments to you as a customer / partner and to meet your wishes and needs.
In addition to contractual and statutory obligations, we may only use your personal information if we have obtained your consent. Your consent should be given to you voluntarily and you should have been informed of the purpose of using the information.

What types of personal information is being processed

Personal information is any information or assessment that can be linked to you as an individual. We only store information that is necessary to service our obligations under signed agreements or to make a delivery. We limit the use of what is strictly necessary from which service we will provide or need.
Purpose of treatment – what information is used for
The information is stored in order to manage your customer relationship with us. The information enables us to fulfill our obligations in the customer relationship.

We use the personal information for these purposes:
  • Customer administration, billing and delivery of services
  • Supplier management, receipt of goods
  • Marketing and customer follow-up
Who we share the information with

They involved in the relocation process, including eg undercarriers, insurance companies, customs authorities.

How long the information is kept

We store personal information only as long as it is necessary to fulfill our duties or to comply with specific legal requirements. This means that the storage time for different categories of information may vary. We will delete or anonymize the categories of your personal information when the information is no longer necessary.

How we protect the information

We work systematically and systematically to ensure information security and use technical and organizational security measures to protect the stored personal information against unauthorized access and use. To the extent that we share personal information with third parties, we provide equivalent information security requirements to them.

Review and changes in stored information

We can be contacted if you have questions or wish to see what information we store about you. If you notice any errors or changes to the information (eg, new address, phone number, email), we are grateful if you contact us as soon as possible so that we can update the information. We are under obligation to provide you with information and information about registered information we have about you within 30 days.
You also have the right to request correction, deletion, limitation of personal data processing, data portability and the right to oppose certain forms of treatment.
You can report to the Data Inspectorate if you are not given access to your own information, or you have another complaint about processing your personal information.

Coordinator and contact information

Hasselberg Transport AS is the treatment manager for the processing of personal data.

If you have questions or for other reasons, wish to contact us in connection with this privacy statement or want other information about privacy, please use the following contact information:

Ken Båtnes
+47 977 33 330
Hasselberg Transport AS